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Nutrition is the word! The growing interest of the public in the field of nutrition and nutritional information has led companies to search for more effective ways to communicate their products, with measurable results.


medNutrition is a B2B communication company, specializing in the communication of nutrition and health, combining the scientific information with technology and digital media. Those who trust us for their communication are food and functional food companies, pharmaceutical and food supplement companies and other health related companies, from start up's and national to multinational!



We focus on creating quality digital content that educates or gives answers to potential customers and pulls them towards your company and product. By aligning this content with the potential customer’s needs, we can succeed in converting them into customers.


Using nutritional tools (educational leaflets, interactive printed material, dietitian-medical representative etc) in order to educate the public and align them with the company’s communication. These tools act as an added value to the inbound services and create an additional communication network.


Professionalism, scientific expertise, respect and low profile. Essential characteristics for long term partnerships. medNutrition is one of the most reliable companies and colleagues. They love what they do and they do it well! Innovation and team spirit are theis most strong assets.


Dietitian - Nutrition,
Health & Wellness Manager,
Nestle Hellas S.A.

medNutrition team: scientific credibility, speed and consistency, proper organization, effectiveness in everyday practice, and always "fresh" innovative ideas, specializing in the digital environment. Each year we cooperate is a pleasant surprise in the evolution of my company’s communication!


Dietitian M.Sc.,
Nutrition & Scientific Communication,

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It all started when 5 dietitians, Papachristos Paraskevas, Koutsikas Konstantinos, Fodor Christina, Kazis Abraham and Isari Georgia decided to widen their professional horizons and created www.mednutrition,gr, the 1st nutritional portal, aiming to communicate the nutritional information to the public, outside their private practices.


At that time was the 1st nutritional portal so the evolution and publicity was immediate and lead to the 2nd version of the portal, with upgraded content and specifications.

Simultaneously more dietitians were interested in becoming members of our team and so we grew to 13 dietitians-editors, from 5.


The portal’s renewal goes along/ aligns with the current technological development, in order to maintain the leadership in the world of nutritional communication. Thus, in 2007 our 3d version of the portal was online! At the same time our team continues to grow with more members.


A fundamental year for medNutrition as we began our publishing activity, with the publication of our 1st book (medNutrition wellness series – addressed to the public), from Paraskevas Papachristos (Founder and CEO of medNurition) entitled “Myths and Truths in our diet”.

We launched our 1st nutritional campaign “Portions: Size matters”, which has been our most successful and long lasting campaign till now. This campaign included a research, a book for dietitians, many presentations and a series of other printed and digital tools for the education of the public.

The medNutrition team begins to take the form of a dietitian community, with a total of 32 dietitians-authors.


Our 1st book for Dietitians is published (medNutrition experts series), entitled “Portions: size matters” containing all of the campaign’s research, along with photos of each food portion and information of how a dietitian can educate the patient.

The digital development allowed us to create an application for windows and iOS, based on the book “Portions: size matters” for dietitians, contributing to the education of the patient.

Moreover, our 2nd wellness book was published, entitled “From shelf to trolley: a supermarket shopping guide”, addressed to the public in order to choose wisely from the supermarket shelf.


The medNutrition community reaches 72 authors, including doctors, food technologists, aesthetics, trainners and psychologists.

After the big success of the “Portions: size matters” campaign, we launched our 2nd campaign that highlighted the important issue of body image. The campaign is titled “Let’s forget about types” and was officially presented at the 12th National Hellenic Dietetic Congress in Greece.

Along with the 4th edition of our portal came the launch of our e-shop, for the placing of our digital applications and printed material.


A year full of publications, with 4 more books: “Nutrition during pregnancy”, “Childhood obesity”, “Nutritional guide for vegetarians” and “Guide to a successful dietitian office”.

Formation of 3 working groups: “Child nutrition”, “Gastrointestinal nutrition” (with the collaboration of the Hellenic Institution of gastroenterology and nutrition) and “Clinical nutrition” (with the collaboration of GrESPEN).

The graphic and technological evolution lead us to the launch of our 1st social campaign “Calorie maths” explaining the terms of the energy balance. This campaign was implemented only in facebook and pinterest, with the use of creative and humorous posts in blackboard style. In the process we created printed material and canvases for the dietitian offices.


The “Child nutrition” working group was the main reason that lead us to the creation and publication of the 1st children’s nutrition book “The nutrition island” (medNutrition KIDS series), with the valuable contribution of a graphic designer, a cartoonist and a teacher. Apart from the main story, children can learn the value of a balanced diet through useful exercises. It can also serve as educational material inside the class.

We welcome our 6th medNutrition wellness book “Nutrition in diabetes”, as a guide to manage high glucose levels with nutrition and other lifestyle changes.


2015 brought 2 more books, the 1st greek nutritional comic for kids, titled “Breakfast stories” (medNutrition KIDS series) so as to educate children to eat a balanced and nutritious breakfast and the 7th book of the medNutrition wellness series, titled “Nutrition to beat cholesterol”, addressed to people with high cholesterol levels.

We are excited to announce a new era for! The 5th edition is online, with many technical improvements and more content marketing orientied. Furthermore, public and dietitians now have their own portal. Our eshop page also improved both technically and graphically.

Our scientific community grew to 112 authors!


In 2016, our digital communication strategy is redefined! Now, we emphasize in new tools, as well as email & social marketing techniques, that can lead to greater conversion and engagement in both consumers and professional nutritionists.


In order to meet with dietitians' need to provide educational tools to their customers, we created a Weekly Food Diary, that contains educational infographic about the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

We started live streamings for both our public, through medNutrition's facebook page, and our colleagues-dietitians, through our closed facebook group, in order to inform and educate them regarding health and nutrition.


The Weekly Food Diary was out of stock, so we decided to update it. We created three (3) new different Weekly Food Diaries, with a variety of educational infographics: one about afternoon cravings, another for our breakfast portion and the last one about the nutrients contained in a breakfast bowl with cereal and milk.

We added video services at our digital marketing, such as tutorials, nutritional presentations, case-studies etc, through which we had the opportunity to inform dietitians about the tools we created. Moreover we educated them on exactly how they can use these tools in their practise.

Our website's traffic is gradually increasing and by 2018 we reached 130,000 unique visitors per month.


We are complying with the best SEO practises for our content at every channel and as a result our site has gradually begun to increase it's unique visitors, until we reached 430,000 unique visitors on March 2019.

Our collaborating Dietetic Offices that also increased at 45 total, all over Greece.

And publications continue... Our new medNutrition wellness ebook "Start Nutrition, Ready? Let's Go!" is now available, addressed to the public in order to educate about proper nutrition, weight and healthy lifestyle goals for the future.


A new Weekly Food Diary was created, focusing on the nutritional value of bread.

The entire series of wellness books is now available in electronic format (e-book).


A new Weekly Food Diary was created with a theme centered around increasing water consumption.

A placemat was created for children and parents, teaching them how to set up a balanced meal, how to control portion sizes, and how to recognize the feeling of satiety.


A new Weekly Food Diary  is now available, featuring an educational infographic about the steps one can take to transition to a plant-based diet.
Live streaming sessions for the public and dietitians continue to be organized with the aim of providing information on nutrition and health.

The web-based application NGS (Nutrition Goals System) was created, including 10 questions related to nutrition goals and daily habits that directly or indirectly affect body weight (e.g., sleep habits). Users can use it daily to self-monitor their personal goals.


The monthly visitation to our website has stabilized at 400.000 unique visitors. The medNutrition team is constantly growing, with 85 dietitian-authors contributing to the portal and 55 collaborating dietetic offices.


The web-based application NGS (Nutrition Goals System) is evolving and now allows for digital weekly food tracking using photos. Additionally, new behaviors and goals have been added.

A fun card game for the whole family was created, aiming for children to learn more about the nutritional value of foods and be guided towards more balanced choices.

The communication of your products at its best!

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